About Orca

Orca Inspection Services LLC is a full-service home inspection company based in Bainbridge Island near Seattle, Washington. Orca Inspection Services offers complete structural home inspections, home performance testing, building moisture diagnosis, wood-destroying organism checks, as well as home efficiency and maintenance consultations.

The owner of Orca Inspection Services, Dylan Chalk, performs a hands-on consultation during the home inspection and delivers a full report through e-mail within 24 hours. Orca Inspection Services color-codes identified problem areas to indicate their severity, and also includes digital photos of specific sections within the report for easy reference.

Orca Inspection Services has been operating for over 12 years in construction and remodeling, and performing home inspections for the past 8 years. In that time, the company has conducted over 3000 home inspections. The inspections Orca Inspection Services performs are designed to give homeowners, sellers, and investors the most accurate information possible in order to make informed decisions about a property. Orca Inspection Services’ detailed reports also help prevent future maintenance and repair costs by assessing long-term issues and suggesting courses for corrective action.

During examination, Dylan Chalk and Orca Inspection Services assess the states of numerous aspects of a home, including basements, insulation, ventilation, attics, plumbing, and drainage systems. Orca Inspection Services has invested in the most effective and modern tools for its inspection process, using moisture meters, carbon monoxide detectors, voltage sensors, and laser thermometers to more thoroughly complete a visual home inspection. Orca Inspection Services is a carbon neutral company and has taken great strides to reduce its impact on the environment. As part of this commitment, Orca Inspection Services traded its full-size V-8 truck for a small sedan that runs on biodiesel fuel, and has reduced its paper consumption 95% by using an all-digital reporting system. In addition, Orca Inspection Services incorporated its business with Seattle City Light’s Green Up program.

To learn more about the services offered by Orca Inspection Services or to obtain contact information, visit www.orcainspect.com.

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